In the Factory this Week November 2017

In the factory this week November 2017,  it’s full to bursting. We are currently manufacturing over 10 control room furniture projects, many involving multiple consoles.  These projects are destined for locations all around the world when they leave us, with the furthest project expected to travel over 4000 miles away.  And in contrast, there is one that will be transported only 4 miles away.

So, keeping it local first, this security console (below) is currently being manufactured, with the framework currently being assembled by Chargehand Andy, seen here fixing the cable management baskets in place.  Several storage units in the form of drawers and cupboards have already been assembled and are all co-ordinated to match the console. The security furniture will shortly be installed into the security suite of a local shopping centre.

in the factory november 2017

The framework for a security console bound for a local shopping centre is currently being assembled

Then further afield, but still in the UK, we have a transport project where the client is currently inspecting the assembly of the consoles before being installed. As well as some interesting console configurations, the finish of these consoles is also a highlight. The usual cladding material has been replaced with powdercoated panels, in a colour requested by the client. Clever combinations of Novus monitor mounts allow for the positioning of four flat screen monitors for each operator with a Novus Corona 2 lamp affixed to the top of the support column.

Then we move across the pond with projects bound for North America and Canada, in the security and ATC sectors. Currently in various states of manufacture, we have projects requiring height adjustable consoles as well as some cool curved configurations of twin operator consoles.

Finally, a large spanning three position console with desktop media wall has just been completed and adds to the contingent of consoles heading out to our farthest destination, over 4000 miles away.

It's busy times here at Thinking Space...just how we like it!

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