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In The Factory This Week February 2018

There’s been a buzz of excitement in the factory lately as we’ve had a variety of technical furniture builds to assemble. In the factory this week February 2018, we highlight in particular, simulators and sliding door projects, with demonstration videos to view.

A requirement to provide an Air Traffic tower training simulator solution firstly involved 2 x  two person consoles being manufactured in the factory. To be located in front of each console, a separate base unit has been created to support two monitor support structures at either end.  Each structure, made from Kanya aluminium profiles, is designed to support the load of four 55” flat screen monitors which are mounted in portrait mode. Both join together to create a continuous curved simulator screen. The added feature of this particular simulator design, is that the monitor support structures can be rotated on their bases to change the angle of the screens easily, which then provides two smaller simulator screens for each operator position.

See our video demonstration below for the full story

Also in the factory, our Kanya team have been completing the final work to a set of bifold silding doors. The doors have been powdercoated red as per the clients request, to add to an existing enclosure. The roller mechanism at the top of the door allows for the door to be opened and closed smoothly.

See our video demonstration below

Just another busy week in our factory…

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