Flipping on Tuesday

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We’ve kicked off our calendar of fundraising events by flipping on Tuesday with a timely treat …pancakes!

On Shrove Tuesday, Suzanne, Wayne and Tina picked up a pan and produced plentiful pancakes in the factory for those with a sweet tooth…infact everyone. With toppings of Nutella, strawberries, jam as well as the traditional lemon and sugar, all the team dug in to the tasty treats.

And of course, we all had a go at tossing a pancake or two. Don’t believe us?…here is the evidence!

This was our first fundraising event for the year. It was a great start as we raised over £20, which will go towards our chosen charity of the year, to be announced very very shortly.

With more events planned for the year, keep an eye out for our next challenge coming soon…

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