In the factory this week March 2018

In the factory this week March 2018, we have some exciting projects being undertaken, with floor space at a premium and with a definite Air Traffic flavour about the place.  We take a look at some of the latest assemblies being undertaken in our factory.

A project for an Air Traffic client is currently underway, involving nine custom designed workbenches for an enroute centre. With two different designs created, the workbenches will be located around the perimeter of the room when installed. All involve underdesk storage for PC towers, monitor mounting rails along the length of the bench and some have shelving for additional storage space.


Another Air Traffic project is creating a glow in the factory, thanks to it’s underdesk anti-glare lighting. A simulator console for clients' NATS is in the final assembly stages of completion. Designed for two operators, the console will be located around a 180 degree Simulator media wall solution. Already populated on the desk are Wacom tablet mounts and a VCCS mounting solution, as well as flat screen monitor mounts.


A c-shaped console for a northern security control room has just been completed.  Seen here during its assembly, features to note are the white cladding finish chosen, curved end panels where the clients logo will be added, and the Moni-Trak monitor mounting rail, positioned around the curvatures of the desk.


Finally, our Kanya UK team have been busy building a hexagonal framework in the factory. The mammoth structure, called a Hexepod, was partially constructed in the factory before being delivered to clients' Marine Fabrication. When completed, the hexapod will become a revolving  hospitality suite. We’re looking forward to seeing  how this project turns out.


Just another busy week in our factory!

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