TSS Bake-Off 2018 Heat 3

Last week, our third and final set of baking contestants hit the kitchen running with some more 15th birthday celebration creations.

It was a battle of the Directors as both Wayne and Paul took up the challenge, both making cup cakes. Paul created a very presentable selection of two flavoured cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla, with silver balls and icing. To top it off, Paul used one of our desk panels to display his “tree-like” creation on.


Meanwhile, Wayne created a chocolate-orange selection of cupcakes, with the number 15 iced onto each one.


Next we had Steve who went totally off-piste with chocolate chip cookies. Neatly dusted across each biscuit was the number 15.


Finally, we had Patrick, whose cake was ingeniously squared, with an aroma of peanut butter and banana. Clearly moreish, the judges had set to work on judging the cake before the photos were taken!! The pièce de résistance was the aluminium extrusion shaped banana pieces forming the number 15 on the top of the cake.


And the winner of our third and final heat is…Patrick! Well done Patrick, the only time you will see banana shaped aluminium extrusions!

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