Gin O’Clock Time?

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We have all been eagerly anticipating our next fundraising event, as we ask  “is it Gin O’Clock time yet?”

On a recent visit to clients’ Bombay Sapphire at the Laverstoke Mill distillery plant in Hampshire, Neil took some excellent photos for our case study. We had replaced their standard office furniture with ergonomic custom designed furniture which makes the best use of space in their process control room.

Whilst at the world-renowned distillery, Neil was presented with a crate of Bombay Sapphire gin. The generous donation came after learning about us raising funds for Rose Road Association, our chosen charity for the year. The raffle prize has been gratefully received with thanks to everyone at Bombay Sapphire!

Neil, who is partial to a G&T like the rest of us, is on the case with organising the raffle, which we’re promised with shortly.

So again, we ask “is it gin o’clock time yet?”

…watch this space to find out…

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