A "Parfect" Evening for Golf

Last week, some of the team enjoyed a "parfect" evening for Golf when were treated to a golf lesson by our Managing Director, Wayne. As part of our Year 15 celebrations, Wayne had previously announced that all staff were to be treated to a day/evening out, of either golf or sailing.

Those that chose golf were Byron, Luke, Paul and Sam. Convening at the 121 Golf Shop in Romsey, each took their turn at a swing, with tips provided by a professional. To add some competitiveness, Wayne bet that those who did an air shot would have to buy the cakes for all the staff. Unluckily for Wayne, no one did, so that left it as Wayne’s cake round…which he honoured, of course!

Thank you to the 121 Golf Shop for hosting an enjoyable evening. All the participants decided they would either like further lessons, or get back out on that course as it had renewed their love of the sport.

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