Employee of the Month Award for July 2018

Our Employee of the Month Award for July 2018 is Myles Street.  Myles has been recognised during the month for his particular patience and attention to detail when helping a client’s FAT inspection run smoothly. It is the efforts of going the extra mile, particularly where clients are concerned, which is always recognised and rewarded. Myles receives the parking space and bottle of wine as a token of appreciation.

In a slight twist to the usual Employee of the Month Award announcements, we will be taking the opportunity to find out more about our stars each month, with some quickfire "getting to know you" questions.

With that in mind, lets kick off with Myles…

How long have you been working for Thinking Space?

8 years

What is your role?

I am a fitter, installer and trainer. I particularly enjoy training others in the art of console building. It is very rewarding.

What is your favourite movie?

It’s got to be Papillon

What is your favorite food?

Whatever I can get my hands on!

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

I would love to be able to see in to the future so I can find out what lottery numbers are and win!

Hopefully, Myles realises he has hit the jackpot already with this award.

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