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The phrase “tidy desk tidy mind” is very much the case when it comes to 24/7 working environments. Clearing unwanted clutter and locating equipment within easy reach improves productivity. It also contributes to the emotional wellbeing of operators and maintains mission-critical focus. So what about all those unsightly cables that usually end up in a spaghetti-like pile on and underneath the desk? Thinking Space offer cable management solutions for your console, thanks to clever design concepts with every build.

Console voids

A Thinking Space console is an open aluminium framework, with no bulkheads, giving a large void throughout the width of the desk. At the back of every desk, push catch panels allow access to the void for maintenance of equipment. PC towers and equipment can be located within this void, giving more leg-room for operators and allowing cables to be managed within the desk space.

Cable management within the void

Within the void, a series of cable management baskets are installed as standard in every console. These baskets can be adapted to accommodate your equipment, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Infact, vertical cable trays can be fitted to take your cables from the floor up to the desk worktop.

The open floor of the console allows cabling to be brought up from floor boxes within suspended floors or cable grommits, without the need to drill holes in the console.

Cable management on the desk

A further feature of a Thinking Space console is the Moni-Trak. This is a unique feature and not only allows for mounting monitors at any point along the desk width, but it’s brush strip allows cables from the void to be fed through tidily into the Novus monitor mount columns. These monitor mount columns have their own cable management system, thereby ensuring tidy cables from floor to monitor.

Height adjustable consoles

But what happens to the cables running through a height adjustable console?  A Thinking Space console ensures there is no snagging of cables during height adjustment, by using cable trays running through caterpillar tracks. A further benefit is that cables are not put under stresses, ensuring they remain safe feeding essential equipment in your control room.

For more information about our cable management solutions, watch our video.

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