A Trip On The High Seas

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been treated to a trip on the high seas!

In honour of our 15 year company anniversary celebrations, Wayne offered all staff the chance to enjoy his passion, with a day’s sailing experience.

So, four teams of us took to the water; Team Titanic, Team Mary Rose, Team Bismark and Team Victory. Meeting at Hamble Marina, we kicked off the day’s events with a bacon roll…like all good days should! After a briefing aboard our yacht, we headed out of the marina and into Southampton Water.

Each trip involved a slightly different excursion. Team Titanic headed for Hurst Castle in the Solent. Team Mary Rose glided over to Bucklers Hard, near Beaulieu. Team Bismark set off for the Isle of Wight, and Team Victory returned to Portsmouth. At each destination, we anchored up and enjoyed a delicious lunch served by Wayne.

Throughout the trip, we were fed and watered with tasty goodies including donuts and chocolate, to accompany our steaming mugs of tea.

But we were there to sail too!

We all took a turn at the helm, and working as a team, we listened hard and practiced tacking skills, guided by our skipper. With the sun in our faces, the wind in our hair, and sadly for a few, a smattering of rain upon our waterproofs, we completed our voyages timely, safely and gratifyingly…

…if not a little tired from a days’ fresh air!

And here are the teams...

A big thank you to all our skippers, and of course, our captain Wayne!

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