Employee of the Month Award September 2018

Our Employee of the Month Award September 2018 is Izzy Sipowicz. Izzy has been recognised for her efforts this month after carrying out a cost efficiency exercise for the company. Izzy, our Production Supervisor, has been negotiating with suppliers and reassessing manufacturing processes to make savings. To reward Izzy for making a difference, she gets to park right outside the offices and has no doubt already enjoyed her bottle of wine.

Well done Izzy!

Let’s find out more about Izzy in our now regular spot of quick-fire questions…

How long have you been working for Thinking Space?

2 years and 5 months

What is your role?

Production Supervisor

What do you like most about working at Thinking Space?

A happy office and lovely people. And a bunch of good boys working with me!

What was the last film you watched?

Avengers Infinity War

Which is your favourite chocolate in a tin of celebrations?



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