We Have A Winner!

This week, we’ve seen the final of the TSS Bake off for 2018…so we have a winner! After a bit of a break from baking, three out of the five bake-off heat winners lined up to bake for the final [...]

A Pair of Spectacles

We were excited to see the arrival of our remote colleagues and a pair of spectacles to our headquarters this week. Because one colleague in particular had built up his arrival and had put us in [...]


This week we saw all 36 of our team descend on our headquarters. Not only were we holding our quarterly sales meeting, but we were also meeting for our annual Alignment Day, so plenty of [...]

Teddy the Greek

For his latest trip, our mascot has been affectionately named “Teddy the Greek”. For Ted was lucky enough to accompany Wayne on his sailing holiday around the Greek Islands.  Ted is no stranger [...]