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This week we saw all 36 of our team descend on our headquarters. Not only were we holding our quarterly sales meeting, but we were also meeting for our annual Alignment Day, so plenty of opportunity for mugshots!

Our Alignment Day focuses the whole team on our objectives for the forthcoming year, and is also a good chance for us to hear the views of our colleagues.

We kicked the day off in style as the order for our bacon rolls was gratefully received by all. We then cracked on with our company meeting, before forming four groups; team USA, team UK, team Australia and team Canada.

The teams travelled around the factory, learning from each of the Managers as they gave their presentations on our objectives for the year. When visiting the kitchen, Tina and Suzanne gave their presentations, closely followed by a gift for every employee…new mugs!

The mugs are part of our initiative to reduce the amount of plastic we generate, some of which comes from plastic cups from our drinks machine.  Each member of staff received their mug, all individually personalised as a caricature.

We now have superheroes, racing drivers, guitar players and bakers… to name but a few!

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