We Have A Winner!

This week, we’ve seen the final of the TSS Bake off for 2018…so we have a winner!

After a bit of a break from baking, three out of the five bake-off heat winners lined up to bake for the final time this year. With the theme centred around our charity of the year, Rose Road, the challenge was to come top of the judges leaderboard for taste, presentation, theme and creativity.

Our finalists were Neil, who created a Victoria sponge cake (left). Neil’s decoration was superb, colourfully decorated with grass, a road and some beautifully formed hand-made roses.

Fellow finalist Suzanne also created a Victoria sponge cake (centre), decorated with a pink frosted rose atop.

The last of our finalists, Patrick, also went for a Victoria sponge cake (right), decorated with peanut butter, jam and almonds, forming a rose.

TSS bake off 2018 final cakes

After much deliberation by judges Ali, Barry and Matt, all decided it was a very close round…

But the winner of the TSS Bake-Off 2018 is….


Congratulations go to Neil on his baking skills; we’re looking forward to his repeat bakes already.

And of course, as a fundraising event, it seems a success too…all that remained an hour later were a few crumbs on plates!


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