In the Factory October 2018

With another busy season underway, we take a look at the latest projects in the factory October 2018.

The flavour in the factory lately is plant and process as we see consoles of large-spanning proportions hitting the shop floor this month.  This example (below) is an unusual “H” shaped configuration for a plant and process control room, where the Evolution media wall has been built into the console rear section.


Meanwhile, more plant and process control room consoles are being assembled for Rolls Royce. Seen below, our workshop fitters are completing the Moni-Trak installation on an L-shaped configuration console. The circular cut-outs seen on the worktop are not for monitor mounts but for pop-up power distribution and communication towers.


Forming part of the Rolls Royce contingent, this large high-level desk (above) is to be an Innovation Table, for Production Engineers to gather around to discuss new ideas.

Finally, is it a bird, a plane?...

In our Kanya UK Production area, a machine enclosure has been manufactured (below left). Clad in a bright orange, the enclosure will contain laser equipment.


Finally, we see yet another aircraft test rig for clients Pennant Training. In our L-shaped desk photo above we see a glimpse of the fuselage being constructed. A few days later and the now it’s taking shape (above right).

Another busy month for Thinking Space…get in touch if you would like your project featured in our factory!

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