In the Factory November 2018

It may be a wind down to Christmas for most, but our factory continues to buzz as we assemble the latest projects in the factory November 2018.

An air traffic flavour is hitting the shop floor this month, as we saw four projects for airports and air traffic clients.

The first project to take off saw us host air traffic clients from Italy last week. Here to conduct a FAT of their tower consoles which are bound for Malpensa Airport, Thinking Space created a full mock up of the control tower (see photo above). This took centre stage in the factory, where a horseshoe-shaped console was positioned in the centre of the “control tower”. Three curved consoles were then positioned around it. Some interesting new features have been developed for this client, which will shortly feature in our accessories range. After the FAT, there was a little time for some socialising too, with tours of Winchester, curries and an English afternoon tea to treat our guests.

The next departure is the aircraft test rig made from Kanya aluminium profiles, which was being assembled in the factory last month.  Finally ready for despatch, we said farewell to it on what was one of the most blustery days of the year. Bound for clients Pennant Training, we were interested to learn that these test rigs are being used all around the world, as seen in their promotional video. The rigs are used for maintenance training primarily within the military aviation sector, but also in the commercial and civilian sectors. They resemble a modern fast jet and have a cockpit which will be fitted out by the client with controls and displays. Trainees will then be able to practice maintenance tasks with simulated faults which are injected from an instructor workstation (which Kanya will also be manufacturing).

Being inspected by another ATC client this week is a VCR horseshoe-shaped console with integrated supervisor console, which will be installed at a UK military airfield. This three position console is large enough to accommodate three controllers, ATCO, assistant and supervisor. The desk includes flight strip holder bays, PIP panels, adjustable monitor mounts, desktop equipment pods, footswitches, slide out keyboard trays and space for printers and lamps. Filing storage cupboards will also be provided by Thinking Space.


For all your air traffic furniture needs, talk to the experts in ATC environments and see your project land safely!

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