In The Factory Week 1 December 2018

Our regular news feature takes on a slightly different tone from usual, as we take a weekly review of events in the factory week 1 December 2018.

In the lead up to Christmas, we have been taking some time out to get our own house in order ready for the New Year, with a bit of refurbishment and reorganisation around the factory.

 The staff kitchen was looking tired and in need of refurbishment. With more staff using it, some redesign work was also required to make the best possible use of space. Accounts Manager Tina has risen to the challenge of project-managing the refurbishment. This started with some concept drawings before the final design was chosen. As well as new kitchen units, we’ll see some extra workspace and seating areas. Tina organised the installation team to rip out the old kitchen, and the weekend sees decoration and new units being installed…exciting times!


Above: The staff kitchen gets an overhaul, with Myles (left) and Luke (right) kicking off the refurbishment with some demolition work!

Monday saw the construction of a new mezzanine floor commence. Taking up an area just inside the factory doors, this will provide additional storage when complete. The next phase will see the construction of a clean room underneath, which will be required in preparation for the launch of a brand new production line for Thinking Space.


Above: The new mezzanine floor being installed

So watch this space for next week’s installment with more news on our brand new innovation we'll be launching in January 2019.


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