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Creating a Greener Space at Thinking Space

Over the last two years, we’ve been creating a greener space at Thinking Space with a series of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our aim? To reduce the amount of waste we were creating and particularly our plastic consumption.

Firstly, we installed a compactor to reduce the size of waste that was being generated in the factory. This now gets compacted on site.

Earlier this year, we investigated options for optimising our packaging, as we were making boxes to fit each time, particularly for our Kanya orders. The solution? To create standard box sizes, which now look more professional as well as offering better protection in transit. The new box sizes have now been implemented, and results have already seen savings of around 10 minute per package, and over 3 weeks per year in manpower.

Instead of using plastic bubble wrap within parcels and to protect items in our crates, we’ve turned to using a RanPak crimped paper machine and rolls of kraft paper. This saves time on wrapping items, avoids cutting hazards and is totally recyclable.

Finally, we said goodbye to plastic disposable cups and our drinks vending machine too. All staff now have their own personalised china mug, as well as travel mugs for those out on the road to use too. A hot water boiler has been installed in the kitchen to efficiently heat water rather than using kettles. Now staff can make refreshments quickly and in an environmentally friendly way!

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Above: our staff embrace the change from plastic cups to personalised reusable mugs

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