In the factory this week 2 December 2018

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As we progress with the refurbishment and re-organisation of our factory, we find out what’s been happening in the factory this week 2 December 2018.

With the first week of the project involving a new mezzanine floor, last week saw the moving of our existing clean room to a new location next to the factory doors. Along with this, the contents of the clean room, containing our CNC machine, was also relocated. Now immediately opposite, the new mezzanine is taking shape, with installation of air extraction underneath and the laminator press now relocated to the first floor (see photo top). The staircase to the existing mezzanine is now relocated so the stairs are not jutting out into the factory floor as before, creating more space.

The final factory installment of the week came on Friday, when we took possession of the first delivery of some brand new machinery…


Elsewhere, our installer Lee was busy installing our brand new kitchen units and worktop in the staff canteen. Whilst there was a little upheaval to contend with by both parties, the finished job is a great improvement and so much more space to relax in. A great effort by all the team involved and well done to Tina, who project-managed the work in order to “improve our working environment”.

And did she? Most definitely!!


With this week being our last before Christmas, we have yet more exciting deliveries to look forward to, so watch this space!

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