In the Factory this week 7th January 2019

Our special factory feature continues into the New Year with a very important delivery. So we find out what’s been happening in the factory this week 7th January.

Over the weekend, our Kanya production area was relocated as part of the factory improvements. Now found at the opposite end of the building, they occupy a warmer corner closer to our design and production office. Their store has already been moved, and soon we’ll see a bit of a branding refresh on the store, so watch this space.

On Monday, we eagerly anticipated the arrival of the final installment of equipment for our brand new production line. As expected, we waited with bated breath as the new equipment was unloaded into the factory. So what’s under all that cellophane? A shiny new printing machine!

And so now, all can be revealed…the full story can be found in our news section where we explain our new printing production line. This has all been made possible with the award of government funding to facilitate the project.

In the next coming weeks, follow the blog for updates on the testing and commissioning of the printer, leading up to the first print run!

But for now, our production team are continuing with our existing production line producing consoles for our customers.

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Above: The Kanya store has now been relocated, with some jazzing up expected shortly

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