Employee of the Month Award December 2018

The Employee of the Month Award December 2018 was announced just before our Christmas break and saw the last EOTM of 2018 too.

Jason Gregory, our Console Sales Specialist, achieved the final award of the year, after winning a prestigious new project for Thinking Space.

Well done Jason!

We asked Jason some quick fire questions and for those of you that know Jason, they were always going to be interesting!

What do you consider the best part of your job?

My answer may sound corny, but its sincere.

I like to see the difference it makes to take control room operators being taken out of an awful workplace and into a new control room, or at least using a modern console and monitor wall.

I sometimes tell the story of some big security guys at a location in Bootle (a district of Liverpool). They were given a brand new control room to work from, in place of a most disgusting tower black basement ‘control room’. The guys loved new control room and I think I saw just a tiny tear in the eye of one of the biggest fellows. Such was the relief of leaving the old place starting at the new, the emotions got to him.

If you had to choose one personal belonging to save in a flood, what would it be?

My back-up hard drives. A whole lifetime of photographic family memories, and pictures of shrimps.

What is your claim to fame in the diving world?

All kinds of weird achievements, but most recently being asked to judge a major (major in a small world) underwater photographic competition. Very flattering.

What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

Seeing this new project being completed by our awesome factory folks will be great. Personally, perhaps a holiday in the sunshine this year...you never know!

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