In the factory this week 14th January 2019

It’s all starting to take shape now in the factory this week 14th January 2019, with a multitude of improvements.

Firstly, the panels for the brand new print room are currently being fitted (see photo above). A temporary solution of cardboard is being used in place of what will be new printed panels, using our very own printing machine. New sliding doors have been fitted and the room is now nearing completion, ready for the printer testing and commissioning. Even the corridor is taking shape, with movement activated lighting (see photo below).

Out in the factory, our fitters have been building their own workbenches, which fit into the newly reorganised layout perfectly. The console team have height adjustable workbenches as well as a mobile parts trolley. Not to be left out, our Kanya team also have new workbenches within their workspace (see photo below).


With all this reorganisation going on, we’ve still a full factory of projects, including a record-breaking console. This console (see photo below) measures a staggering 20 metres in length.


Just another busy week in the factory!

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