Employee of the Month March 2019

Our Employee of the Month March 2019 is from the Kanya UK team, and goes to none other than our Northern Sales Specialist Steve Taylor. 

Steve has had a great month for orders and also contributed to a successful exhibition the previous month, meaning that the Kanya team have a full commitment of orders to despatch.

 Steve gets a special gift and card, and can nominate his parking space as he works remotely…

 …form an orderly queue please!

 So, in our quick fire questioning of Steve, we were all hoping to learn a little more about our northern colleague other than his well-known love of the motor car.

 How long have you worked at Thinking Space?

 Nearly 3 years

 What has been your favourite project you’ve worked on over those years?

 They’re all my favourites!

 What was the last book you read?

 It was David Williams Gansta Granny. It’s my daughters favourite bedtime read…and mine!

 Where would your dream holiday be?

 Las Vegas! I have been once, just can’t wait to go back again!

 And of course our questions would not be complete without Steve’s opinions on cars…

 Of all the cars you have owned, what has been your favourite?

 That will be the 1969 Lotus Elan +2s. I’ve owned it for 34 years now!!

 Find out who else has received awards this year for our Employee of the Month accolade.

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