Employee of the Month April 2019

This month’s Employee of the Month April 2019 has been awarded to two individuals who have been especially busy pleasing customers this month.

Roger and Reza from our Kanya UK team, completed a site installation, with one very satisfied customer. Infact, so satistied was the customer, MTAG Composites, that they recorded the installation as it progressed with live updates on social media.

Well done Roger and Reza, who went above and beyond the call of duty by working early and late shifts to complete the work too. Both have a wealth of experience in our aluminium profile assembly system and are the ideal team to complete your installation for you.

So, we caught up with the duo to find out more about them, in our quick fire round of interviewing…

How long have you worked for Kanya UK?

Roger: 12 years
Reza: 3 years

How has your role changed over the years? 

Roger: I’ve been luck enough to be with the company from nearly the beginning, and have worked towards an improved position, a dedicated team and more exciting projects to work on.
Reza: I’ve enjoyed working on some really challenging projects over the last 3 years

 What is your favourite pastime?

Roger: Spending time with my grandson
Reza: Volleyball

Where would your dream holiday be?

Roger: A cruise with the family
Reza: Carribean and or Bali

What is your favourite food?

Roger: Roast dinner
Reza: Seafood tacos

 And with last months’ award going to another Kanya UK employee, they’re steaming ahead in the competition stakes!

Photo above: Roger Keith, left, and Reza Moradi, right.

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