Getting Shirty

The last Friday of April saw us all getting shirty. Football shirty, that is!

Following hot on the heels of the success of our Easter egg raffle, we turned our attention once again to a bit of fundraising, organised by Adam.

So we raided our partners/brothers/sons/friends wardrobes for the coolest football or sports shirt going, all to raise funds for our charity, Rose Road Association.

And what a great selection of shirts we produced, from retro shirts to a Thai football shirt!

But the most surprising of all was Tina's football shirt.

Those that know Tina will know she is an avid Southampton FC fan. So she was such a good sport for agreeing to wear a shirt from their rival team, Portsmouth, if we all raised £200.

And of course, everyone dug deep at the prospect of Tina's embarrassment, raising a total of £224.10.

In a dramatic twist of fortune for Tina, she had not completely run out of luck. She correctly guessed the number of chocolate footballs in the jar and won the lot.

She's not our Accounts Manager for nothing!

This brings our total fundraising so far this year to just shy of £500.00, expertly arranged by Tina and Adam(below).


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