Bye Barry

Last week, we chorused “bye Barry”, as our colleague of three year, Barry Cox, took retirement.

Barry joined the company in 2016 and firstly worked on the shop floor with Kanya UK, handling stock allocations and profile machining.

In 2017, Barry moved into the role of Sales and Marketing Administrator, where he continued for a further two years, taking sales calls and supporting the sales team with their queries.

Barry was awarded  Employee of the Month no fewer than three times over the course of his employment with us….that’s one a year!

He was crowned Employee of the Month in July 2016 for his efforts with the Kanya team, and then again in February 2018 for his “multiple hat juggling” as well as learning new computer skills. He then scored a hat-trick by winning it in October 2018 for his support when fellow colleague Connor had an accident and was absent from work.

We presented Barry with a plaque in appreciation of his efforts over the three years, and some personal gifts, to help ease him into retirement.

Wishing you a very happy retirement Barry, from all of us at Thinking Space.

PS. Remembering your new-found IT skills Barry, don’t forget to like and share this post!!

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