Corporate Identity in your Control Room

Corporate identity in your control room is a great way for an organisation to address the “human factor”. It demonstrates an investment in people. It serves as a continual reminder of sense of purpose, that we are all here to achieve a common goal. It can create a strong sense of community, essential when working in teams in 24/7 environments, under pressure to perform and make critical decisions. If communicated well, it can evoke feelings of pride and belonging, it will attract high quality staff, build loyalty, motivate and inspire. Performance is optimised, fewer mistakes are made, employees are happy and their health and wellbeing is preserved.

At Thinking Space Systems, we recognise this by continually developing clever design techniques to improve the corporate identify of your control room.

It all started with control room seating. We offered our clients the opportunity for logos and company names to be embroidered onto the headrests of ergonomic chairs.

This led to our next development; logos onto end panels of our consoles. This has been and continues to be a popular choice with customers. Our curved end panel option, launched in 2015, demonstrates logo placement with style.

Having previously used vinyl graphics for this effect, we have now improved on this with our new printing production line, launched last month. We can now offer logos, custom designs and artwork printed onto any panel on your console. Printed logos are layered over a pattern or texture surface finish. A continuous piece of artwork can even be printed around the length of the console, to create a “wrapped” effect.

It’s not just panels we can print onto. We can offer printing on acrylic and foamex too, so we can create wall signage and display boards for your control room, serving as a constant reminder of the organisations investment in its workspace.

With a wide choice of worktop finishes and an unlimited choice of panel designs, we can offer you a console to match your corporate identity, by matching the pantone colour of your brand style guide.

Even underscript LED lighting in branding-appropriate colours can be added, to create an ambience in the room and a feel-good glow.

Find out more about our materials and finishes and examples of branding.


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