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Cycling Chums

The TSS Cycle Club kicked off once again for the season, and saw cycling chums Neil and Jason recruit newcomer Josh for the event.

Thankfully a warm evening had been accounted for, and having donned lycra, they set off from our headquarters on their bikes. Apparently, a fairly brisk pace was set from the outset, as they mapped a course of 15 miles.

Precisely one hour and eight minutes later, the triking trio arrived at their destination…the Mayfly pub in Stockbridge. A chance for a rest, taking in the fantastic scenery alongside the river, and an opportunity for thirstquenching before hitting the road back to Romsey.

The recuperation and refreshments seemed to energise and envigorate, as the trio made it back to base in a shorter time of just over an hour, and at a more sensible pace too!

All riders welcome to join for future cycling expeditions…I’m sure they’ll be refreshments too!

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