Thinking Space Welcomes Latest Recruits

Thinking Space welcomes latest recruits Piotr Namiel and George Atkins to the team.

Piotr's job role is Workshop Operative, having already completed a three month training programme, before "going it alone", constructing consoles and technical furniture builds.

Prior to joining us, Piotr had a customer facing role in Sales and Marketing at AEI Prospects, but has also worked in the manufacturing industry as machine operator in a food processing plant.

Since joining Thinking Space, Piotr is enjoying the environment and the people the most.

And when he's not at Thinking Space, Piotr is learning to freestyle skate, as he is a keen rollerblading enthusiast too.

Our second new recruit is George Atkins. No relation to our Operations Director, George joins us as a CAD Designer.

George spent the first five weeks of his employment learning about our console construction methods in the factory.

He is currently spending time in the Design Proposal Office, turning clients dreams into visuals.

George previously undertook a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has specialised in design.

Since his employment, George's highlights have involved the new printing machine, seeing it in action, and understanding how we print our own surface finishes.

George admits to having a strong passion for cars...he fits right in here then!

He divulges that at the age of 7, he stripped a motorbike down. Hopefully, it wasn't being ridden at the time!

Welcome our latest recruits!

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