Malta Air Traffic Services visit to Thinking Space Systems FAT 2013

Factory Tours at Thinking Space

Take yourselves back to your school days, and you would have probably been taken on factory tours at some point.

It was a first introduction into the world of manufacturing for most, and usually involved a question and answer sheet and possibly an essay at the end of it all to check you’d taken it all in.

At Thinking Space, we actively welcome factory tours to our premises in Hampshire. It gives our visitors a unique opportunity to experience the whole process of technical furniture manufacture.

Understanding the customer journey from the initial enquiry, through to the design and then manufacture and assembly on the factory floor offers an insight for clients to understand lead times and processes, so there are no nasty surprises in store during the project.

Watching our skilled production team at work provides visitors with interest as well as developing trust in the quality of the final build. Our teams’ knowledge and understanding of the critical environments the furniture will be deployed to, shines through, as does their love of what they do…improving working environments.

Understanding the materials used, their application and properties ensures that company policies are attuned. The factory tour clearly demonstrates the preparation of basic materials, and visitors get the chance to see these brought together to form a build.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been able to demonstrate our new printing production line, housed in its very own clean room environment. Visitors can see panels being printed and lacquered before being prepared for assembly.

Our links with the local schools and colleges also gives the opportunity for tours and work placements, so students can gain an understanding of a typical UK manufacturing business, which is local to them, boosting the local economy and employment. We look to inspire students to see themselves in engineering and manufacturing roles in the future, contributing to the UK manufacturing industry.

Our factory tours are always well received, with positive feedback highlighting not just the essence of the product with it's features and benefits, but the people who design, manufacture, assemble and install it.

And you can be safe in the knowledge that there won’t be an essay at the end of it!

To find out more about our factory tours, please get in touch.

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