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New Case Study - Military Training Suite for NATS

Read our new case study - Military Training Suite for NATS, where Thinking Space provided Air Traffic furniture at their Swanwick Control Centre, Hampshire. Required for the new Military Training Suite (MTS), Thinking Space designed and installed custom designed consoles for 8 operators and a supervisor position, set in a horseshoe shape around the room.

Between each operator, acoustic panels provide privacy during examinations, which can be removed when more informal training is being undertaken and stored in a purpose-designed rack when not required. In keeping with the calming green colour scheme within the room, Thinking Space provided green under script LED lighting for a feel-good glow.

The completed facility allows for informal and formal learning to allow the Military Customer at NATS Swanwick to initially develop Methods of Operation and Training objectives for the new ATC platform that NATS are delivering as part of SESAR.

Find out more in our Case Study Military Training Suite for NATS.

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