Process Control Room Furniture for Singleton Birch

Thinking Space have provided custom designed process control room furniture for clients Singleton Birch, the UK's leading independent lime supplier.

Singleton Birch approached Thinking Space to provide solutions for their main control room, data centre and meeting rooms, which was to be upgraded following investment in new data analytics software.

The focus of the new control room are 48 flat screens which are viewed by every operator working in the control room.

Thinking Space created a custom designed curved Evolution media wall to mount the 20 55” flat screen monitors.

A process control console some 12 metres in length, configured in a “u” shape allows for each and every operator to ergonomically view these monitors, whilst Novus monitor arms provide desk mounting for 28 flat screens.

Jack Brow, Operations Assets Manager commented "This is the second time we have worked with Thinking Space; previously we built a control room specifically for the Quarry Operations however this project included bringing both the quarry and lime operations together to become more efficient and effective in the way the departments operate. We had a large store room that was to be converted, the idea / concept we had was to build as large a desk and media wall as possible as this gave room for expansion. Thinking Space visited site and worked with us on a few ideas before coming to the final design where full 2D and 3D drawings were created to really help visualise exactly how the control room would look. Thinking Space were very helpful on installation dates as we were on a very tight deadline and had a critical path to stick to. Finally the installers worked in a very professional manner to a high standard, they also worked with us to ensure everything was installed to meet our requirements. In summary I would highly recommend working with Thinking Space, they provide a=on all aspects from start to finish".

Read the full case study.

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