October sales team evening

World Food Day Celebrations Part 1

Last Tuesday, we welcomed our sales office back to HQ for our quarterly review meeting, and along the way we also had time for World Food Day Celebrations Part 1.

With World Food Day on the 16th October, we thought it would be fun to celebrate this in some way. So a plan quickly formed whereby each department would take turns hosting a buffet lunch for each other, providing food from around the world.

The purpose? To have fun, do a bit of teambuilding and fundraise for our charity Rose Road at the same time.

The Sales Team kicked off the event, bringing to HQ a spread to be proud of. With their theme “The Great British Picnic”, they provided sausage rolls, cheeses, bread, crisps, dips and homemade cake.

world food day sales team

It was a great opportunity for some of the staff, particularly our latest recruits, to get to know the remote team, and many certainly bonded over a sausage roll or two.

the great debate

Jason (left) and Matt (right) bonding over a vegetarian sausage roll

But will all that food to eat, only some of the sales team made it to an evening meal later that day. A meal for four felt like a typical family occasion as we gathered at our favourite haunt. And in keeping with all things familiar, we all ordered the same meal…plaice it is then!

Our next World Food Day Celebrations will be on the 15th November, with our design team hosting the event with a Mediterranean buffet.


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