Thinking Space Halloween Dress Up 2019

Halloween Heroes

Meet our Halloween heroes, who took part in our fundraising festivities yesterday, expertly organised by hosts Tony and Adam.

As usual, there was a great deal of creativity displayed throughout the day. It all started as we arrived for work suitably dressed for the occasion. We had clowns, cats, doctors of death, characters from horror films, and even someone dressed as another colleague!

Firstly, we held an apple-bobbing competition, where our winner was Paul Atkins. Paul was delighted to receive his prize…a box of Dairy Milk.

Next, we held the pumpkin-carving competition.  Five colleagues submitted their creations, under the close scrutiny of everyone, as we voted for our favourite. The winner was declared as Matt, who created a skull carving to great effect. Dairy Milk for him!

Finally, after our group photoshoot, we announced the winner of the best costume. Our best-dressed character was Laura, who was completely unrecognisable as a zombie. She won…you guessed it…a box of Dairy Milk!

Our efforts for the day were rewarded by raising over £70 for our charity of the year, Rose Road Association.

Browse our gallery below for all the day's fun...

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