Our Hairy Lip Squad Complete the Challenge

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On the last working day of the month, our Hairy Lip Squad complete the challenge and celebrate with a final photo.

Myles, Vim and Adam were joined by Tony who was supporting his fellow facial growers and joined in too.  Missing colleagues were Wayne and Neil, who had been busy throughout the week with his own mission.

In response to a challenge by an industry peer from ARC Monitoring, Neil was dared to dye his moustache pink. From a whiter shade of pale, the transformation over a lunch break was more than a little noticeable!

Neil succeeded in his mission and with gratitude, Neil received donations for his efforts. Then the donations just kept rolling in, making him the clear winner in the fundraising stakes. Well done Neil!

Meanwhile, Wayne had spent the month introducing clients to his facial addition, culminating in his attendance at air traffic conference in London.  At least he did not need an extra ticket!

The team have now raised £645 for the Movember cause, so thank you to everyone who have donated and supported the team.

There is still time to donate if you didn’t get the chance and would like to support men’s health with us. Please visit the Movember team page https://moteam.co/thinking-space-hairy-lip-squad?mc=1.

Movember 2019 Neil goes pink

Captain Neil took up the challenge of dying his Mo pink!

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