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Sightline Survey Service

Thinking Space offer a sightline survey service for air traffic control tower projects. The objective is to understand what each Air Traffic Controller can see when sat viewing the aircraft movement areas, runways etc. and establish any restrictions or problems that might be encountered.

Thinking Space have a wealth of experience in this field and having worked with clients in the ATC sector for nearly 30 years, we have a proven track record working alongside airside operations and within sensitive areas.

We begin the study by conducting a physical mockup on site for each controller position. This allows us to calculate each operator’s eye position in relation to the workstation by calculating the standard seated height of the eye from the floor, using international standards for working positions, verified using BS ISO 11064 control room standard guidelines.

From this, the position of each operator’s eyeline in the tower can be plotted on a 2D floor plan.

Photos and drawing representations are also provided, where we use a spirit level and horizontal angle to lock the height of a camera to the eye position and pan around and across the airfield for each workstation, taking photos which are then stitched together to create a panoramic.

The outcome is delivered by a comprehensive report illustrating the sightlines of each operator and detailing any issues that might arise.

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