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Cycling Chums

The TSS Cycle Club kicked off once again for the season, and saw cycling chums Neil and Jason recruit newcomer Josh for the event. Thankfully a warm evening had been accounted for, and having [...]

It’s Competition Time!

With one week to go, we’re all set for our largest exhibition of the year, IFSEC International. So, it’s competition time as we celebrate the launch of our printed panel solution at the event. [...]

Bye Barry

Last week, we chorused “bye Barry”, as our colleague of three year, Barry Cox, took retirement. Barry joined the company in 2016 and firstly worked on the shop floor with Kanya UK, handling stock [...]

A New Four-Wheeled Arrival

This week, we are celebrating a new four-wheeled arrival to the Thinking Space team…a new company van! The new van joins its bigger brother to add to our existing fleet of transport. With thanks [...]

Getting Shirty

The last Friday of April saw us all getting shirty. Football shirty, that is! Following hot on the heels of the success of our Easter egg raffle, we turned our attention once again to a bit of [...]

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