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Case Study CCTV control room Boston Borough Council


In order to improve security and introduce cost savings in the Lincolnshire area, Boston Borough Council have upgraded their public CCTV system.

A new wireless CCTV system, the upgrade of cameras to high definition and a new CCTV control room at Municipal Buildings in Boston were provided as part of the contract.  Thinking Space designed, manufactured and installed new control room furniture and media wall for the new control room.


In this high profile project, Boston Borough Council secured funds to use for a state-of-the-art town centre CCTV monitoring in their “Invest To Save” initiative.  Not only proving value for money, the aim of the upgrade is to improve image quality and detection rates, and ensure that safety and security is not compromised.


Thinking Space were deployed by facilities management contractor OCS to design and install control room furniture and media wall for the newly refurbished CCTV control room.

A bespoke three person control console with technical and user storage, and a combined media wall and technical storage (racking) unit were manufactured and installed.


The previous control room was dark and oppressive.  Monitors and equipment were housed in wooden cabinets and the desk space for operators was cramped.  Thinking Space was tasked with maximising the operator’s workspace and modernising the look and feel of their environment.  With new technologies to accommodate within the room, Thinking Space was able to create a bespoke console for three operators.  In addition, an Evolution media wall to house eight larger screens replaced the previous wooden-housed 18 smaller monitors.  The new media wall has been designed with storage cupboards beneath to house the extra equipment required as part of the overall CCTV upgrade.

Having recently launched their new range of material finishes, Thinking Space supplied a vibrant blue worktop for the console and storage unit to match the colour scheme of the room.  Teamed with the soft grey and silvers of the furniture framework, media wall and panels, the completed room feels spacious, light and airy.

Some technical equipment (image management and processing apparatus) had to remain local to the control console in the control room. This equipment is cleverly housed in 19” racked storage bays in the base of the media wall.

With Thinking Space being the UK distributor of Novus MoreSpace desk accessories, an extensive selection of desk mounted monitor mounts were provided, creating two screen positions for each the three operators.

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