CCTV control room furniture for Parramatta City Council


As a suburb and major business district in the metropolitan area of Sydney, Parramatta holds a population of nearly 20,000 and is becoming Australia’s fastest growing night-time economies, thanks to the booming Eat St precinct.

Recognising a need to increase security within the city, a new CCTV network and lighting for public spaces is being installed. With a 1 million dollar grant received from the federal governments’ Safer Streets programme, eighty cameras will eventually be operational during a rolling programme of installations linked via fibre optic and wireless technology to the new operations centre, where council staff will conduct live monitoring around the clock.


In a bid for efficiency in service delivery, the new operations centre was completed in March 2015 and consolidated council operations over three previous sites into one purpose built facility. The new CCTV control room was provided as part of the main operations centre project, but it was down to Thinking Space to design the room layout with furniture to ensure optimum viewing angles and ergonomics for the operators working 24/7.

Due to the engineered design solutions and materials used, Thinking Space were the ideal choice for technical furniture provision in the new control room. “We approached Thinking Space Systems who were known to us, and therefore we felt confident that we were in good hands when it came to designing our new control room“ explained Rob Williams, Community Crime Prevention Officer, Parramatta City Council.


Communications between Thinking Space Systems Pty Ltd and Parramatta Council ensured that an ideal design solution was agreed for their new CCTV control room, with all design and manufacturing work being carried out at the premises of Thinking Space Systems Ltd in the United Kingdom. Thinking Space use their award-winning Inventor CAD software to create all bespoke furniture designs, quickly transforming them into manufacturing drawings without the risk of errors.

Using the Core Assembly System as their framework, the new furniture is lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble, making it ideal for exporting.The CCTV control room suite consists of two rooms, the main control room and a separate review suite.  The main control desk accommodates two operators with LED underdesk lighting, situated in front of the Evolution media wall and built to house four large flat screen monitors. At the clients’ request, the media wall has been powdercoated in black to match the surrounding décor. A further single operator supervisor console is provided, along with a low level storage unit.  A further single person console is provided in the review suite.

All consoles and associated accessories including Novus monitor arms and desk lamps are designed to complement the room surroundings, with greys and whites to open the room out and create a calming atmosphere. After their manufacture in the United Kingdom, the furniture was exported to Australia, where the local Thinking Space team installed the furniture on site.

  • "We approached Thinking Space Systems who were known to us, and therefore we felt confident that we were in good hands when it came to designing our new control room. Their furniture is lightweight and easy to assemble, so having the furniture exported from the UK and installed here in Parramatta by the local Thinking Space team was an easy process, meaning that we could concentrate our efforts on the more technical aspects of the project. Since the control room has been operational, the staff here have commented what a pleasant 24/7 environment we have created"

    Rob Williams Community Crime Prevention Officer, Parramatta City Council
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