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Control room furniture for York Travel and Control Centre


As part of the renovation of the former British Rail West Offices to create new headquarters for City of York Council, Thinking Space provided control room furniture for both the new CCTV control room and Traffic Management Suite.


In this high profile project, Boston Borough Council secured funds to use for a state-of-the-art town centre CCTV monitoring in their “Invest To Save” initiative.  Not only proving value for money, the aim of the upgrade is to improve image quality and detection rates, and ensure that safety and security is not compromised.


As part of the project to consolidate Council services into West Offices a new CCTV control room for the city was required as well as a traffic management suite, accommodated in separate rooms.  Thinking Space was successful in winning the contract by competitive tender to provide furniture for the two new control rooms.

Thinking Space worked alongside Baydale Control Systems during the project, with City of York Council procuring the furniture items directly. A total of six CCTV operator positions were provided with two operator positions in the traffic management suite.


With the client requiring extra capacity in their new control rooms to cope with increased responsibilities and workloads, Thinking Space was tasked with creating consoles which maximised workspace, providing an efficient working environment.  The client also had new technologies to accommodate within the furniture, and as all furniture is bespoke, Thinking Space was able to meet the client’s requirements effectively.

Using their newly launched Core Assembly System for the furniture construction, Thinking Space was able to provide the client with more choice of console shapes as well as creating greater stability.  The new improved aluminium build system, developed in house by Thinking Space and replacing the previous TS aluminium build system, also provides the benefits of easier furniture installation.  Due to a simpler connector design and larger screws, installation times are reduced, ensuring that tight timescales can be met.  The Core Assembly System also benefits from creating furniture which is modern with clean lines, further enhancing the feeling of space.

The client’s colour scheme in the new control rooms consists of a mix of grey and white finishes.  Thinking Space was able to match the colour scheme with the furniture worktops and cladding panels, the new aluminium profiles of the Core Assembly system complimenting the look.

With Thinking Space being the UK distributor of Novus MoreSpace desk accessories, an extensive selection of monitor mounts, both desk mounted and free standing, were provided, creating multiple screen positions for operators. Several Evolution Media Walls custom designed and installed by Thinking Space now accommodate larger flat screens at optimum viewing positions for operators, ensuring that the City of York is safe and travel in and around the city is managed effectively.

  • "Thinking Space have proved to be a very good choice for the supply of CCTV control room furniture for the West Offices project. They understood our requirements well and were able to offer a high quality and aesthetically pleasing solution that fully met our technical requirements. The result is a control room that we can be proud of, and which will allow us to provide high quality CCTV and traffic management services now and in the future”

    Darren Capes Transport Systems Manager, City of York Council
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