Thinking Space Launch New Core Assembly Build System

Control room furniture manufacturer Thinking Space Systems, have launched their new aluminium build structure, the Core Assembly System, which will now form the backbone of all their technical furniture solutions.

The new aluminium extrusion range replaces the existing TSS aluminium build system which was developed by Thinking Space’s Managing Director Wayne Palmer, some 10 years ago when the company was formed.  The engineering methodology and materials used in Thinking Space’s furniture sets them apart from other furniture manufacturers and products on the market today, as it allows for maximum flexibility when designing bespoke solutions.
The key benefits of the Core Assembly System for clients is that the new extrusions are larger and up to 50% heavier, offering furniture solutions with greater strength and support.  In fact, it will offer such stability that furniture will be able to support the weight of a human or two!  “One of the key requirements for the new build system was to improve both longitudinal and torsion properties by creating more complex extrusions, with the result being that it should easily bear the weight of a human walking across a console, which I have proven” explained Wayne Palmer.
With a larger selection of profiles, the build system provides a wide range of solutions and finished shapes, giving the customer more choices.   Some of the profiles are designed for specific purposes, ensuring that they are perfectly designed for their application. Elegant profiles give an even more aesthetically pleasing finish, with furniture looking modern and sleek, with clean lines
With new easy to fit connectors, assembly time is reduced. Consoles can be sent to site for the client to easily assemble using just four tools, which will be supplied with each console.
“The Core Assembly System can be connected to Novus, Kanya and the current Evolution ranges, making it the “core” centre of development for all Thinking Space products.  This gives our clients a   wealth of possibilities and options for their technical furniture requirements” explained Wayne.
Since its launch into production in early 2013, Thinking Space has already completed a number of control room furniture projects, and has already received positive feedback.  One such project involved the design and installation of consoles for York Travel and Control Centre (YTCC), its new control room now modern and with a clean finish (see photo).

Above: an example of furniture produced using the new Core Assembly System for York Travel and Control Centre
About Thinking Space
Locally, nationally and globally – Thinking Space Systems excels in supplying specialist high quality technical furniture for control room environments, serving Air Traffic Control, Security, Plant & Process, Transport and Broadcasting sectors.
With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Thinking Space Systems has developed an enviable reputation for outstanding products and unrivalled service. Bespoke furniture solutions can be custom built to suit a wide range of purposes with the focus being to improve working environments. 
In addition to manufacturing its own technical furniture, Thinking Space Systems is also the UK distributor for Swiss-based Kanya, an aluminium extrusion manufacturer. Thinking Space is also the exclusive UK distributor for Novus, one of the world’s leading brands of monitor mounting and ergonomic desk accessories for the workplace.
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