We offer the option of electric height adjustment on consoles using actuators, for a smooth and simple operation. Our solution not only conforms to DDA regulations but allows healthy routines for sit-stand working practices.


How it works

Every height adjustable console can be raised and lowered at a touch of a button, with pre-set memory positions too. Controls can also be via bluetooth, allowing you to remotely control your desk height.

Anti-collision mechanism

The anti-collision mechanism ensures that fingers or items do not become trapped causing injury and damage to your console. See our demonstration video…

height adjustment render example

Why height adjustable consoles?

Height adjustable consoles not only allow the operator the chance to alter the height for their own comfort, they can also practice sit-stand working, where studies have shown the benefits to health are :-

  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Improving moods
  • Reduces stress
  • Improving alertness
  • Reduces muscle tension and fatigue
  • Improving reach area so less likely to overstretch and cause injury
  • Strengthening core muscles
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Design options

Our custom designed consoles can also accommodate various options for adjusting your worktop height


Option 1

Complete desk actuation so that the whole desk surface can be raised and lowered


Option 2

Separate front and rear worktop height adjustment, ideal where sight lines are critical


Option 3

Partial desk actuation for multi-operator consoles, where the front section of each operators’ working area can be adjusted


Cable Management

Cable management is taken care of too, with caterpillar tracks which take all cabling from the cable baskets and up to the desk surface safely.

This ensures cables are not put under any stresses and avoids entanglement, which could damage the cables and deem them unsafe.

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