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How to clean your Thinking Space console

During COVID-19 pandemic, you will be undoubtably be looking at your cleaning practices in and around your control rooms. We show you how to clean your console, not only to preserve it’s life but to maintain a healthy control room for your operators.

Many control rooms accommodate multiple operators on shift patterns to enable 24/7 monitoring to be undertaken. This means that control rooms need to be as easy to clean between shifts and operators as possible, to help reduce the spread of this and other viruses and reduce workplace absenteeism.

Our recommendations for cleaning your console are as follows…


Thinking Space work surfaces are sanitised. The antibacterial properties are thanks to the silver ion core treatment and are authorised as a hygienic surface, compliant with standard EN 438-2 suitable for hospitals and food industries. They are also resistant to stains (group 1 and 2) class 5.

These work surfaces do some of the work, but what needs to be done to keep them looking clean?

Dusting and light soiling – use a dry or damp cloth to wipe down the surface
Normal staining – use a cloth dipped in a mixture of mild detergent and water
Resistant stains – Pledge multi surface cleaner and a soft cloth removes stubborn marks

Always try and mop up spills quickly and then use the normal cleaning method to remove any residue.

Always take care not to wet the worktop especially near joins, and avoid sharp objects or heat which can damage the surface.

Download our handy worktop cleaning guide


It is difficult to prevent dirt and grime from settling on exposed Aluminium surfaces but if cleaned reasonably frequently then only the mildest methods of washing will be needed to produce satisfactory results.

There are many ways to clean Aluminium, from using plain water to harsh abrasives and the type of cleaning that should be used is governed by the finish, degree of soiling, and the size, shape and location of the surface to be cleaned.

The following cleaning materials and procedures are listed in ascending order. When cleaning Aluminium you should start with the mildest method possible on a small portion of the object and progress to the harsher methods only if necessary. The first two can also be used to clean anodised Aluminium.

• Plain water
• Mild soap or detergent
• Solvent cleaning, e.g. kerosene, turpentine, white spirit
• Non-etching chemical cleaner
• Wax-base polish cleaner
• Abrasive rubber

After applying the cleaner, Aluminium should be washed down thoroughly with water and dried with a clean cloth. Try not to allow concentration of the cleaner at the bottom edges of the Aluminium.

If using proprietary cleaners the maker’s recommendation should be obtained and followed carefully.

If abrasives are used then the appearance of the Aluminium finish may be altered. If there is a grain in the finish then cleaning should always be with the grain.

Regular cleaning of the surface with the correct materials will ensure an everlasting product. For pen marks or scratches a rubbing block can be purchased from Thinking Space.


For all glass doors, drawer fronts and side panels, a standard cleaning solution is recommended or an E-cloth and water spray for an eco-friendly solution. For very dirty surfaces, use water diluted with washing up liquid and applied with a sponge, then wiped and buffed dry with the E-Cloth.


If you have any questions or concerns about cleaning your console, please get in touch as we are still operational and can help you, even from our homes!

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