Air Traffic Control Room at Dublin Airport

Air Traffic Controller Consoles for Dublin Airport, Ireland

Thinking Space has recently provided Air Traffic Controller consoles for the new control tower at Dublin Airport, Ireland.

10 single operator consoles, all height adjustable, as well as 2 supervisor consoles, also height adjustable and 4 storage units are provided around the perimeter of the brand new tower.

The tower itself is iconic, as it is the tallest occupied structure in Ireland, standing at 87.7m tall. This ensures optimum sight lines for controllers who need uninterrupted views of the airfield. In addition, Thinking Space conducted a sight line survey whilst the tower was still in construction, to allow the client to view what each operator would be able to see at each position.

After closely working with the IAA to develop a mockup for the single operator console, the remaining consoles were manufactured and transported up inside the tower, before being reassembled into position by the Thinking Space installation team.

Terminal Services General Manager, Paul McCann, explained 'the IAA chose Thinking Space for the design and installation of its controller consoles for our new Air Traffic Control Tower at Dublin Airport because of the world-wide reputation and significant experience of Thinking Space in the field'.

'We required infrastructure which is not only state-of-the art but also able to provide our controllers with the best possible facilities to support their traffic management at this busy international airport, in particular as a new parallel runway was being constructed to service the growing demand for air traffic.  The requirement for controllers to see all of the manoeuvring areas of the parallel runway as well as all the existing infrastructure.  In addition, controllers also need to see the airspace in the environs of the runways and airport in general. From the outset, Thinking Space embraced our overall requirements and quickly understood the operational concepts which drive our business.'

Describing the process, Paul explained; 'numerous consultation sessions took place between Thinking Space and our operational and technological experts and this iterative process resulted in prototype furniture being built.  This was evaluated in tandem with the teams in both organisations and proposed modifications were swiftly made'.

Paul summarised their experiences working with Thinking Space. 'We found Thinking Space very easy to work with and they were responsive and flexible regarding our needs. We have ended up with quality furniture, delivered and assembled in accordance with our specifications and we would consequently favourably consider Thinking Space for any future requirements' concluded Paul.

To find out more, read and download a copy of our case study.

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