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Sheffield City Council CCTV and traffic control center case study


A complete suite of technical furniture for 10 people.


The UK’s 5th largest city (by population) and home of the UK steel industry, Sheffield, now boasts a brand new CCTV and traffic/bus lane enforcement control center.

After a lengthy planning and consultation stage, specialist integrator TIS of Mansfield won the main contract to supply its clients, the Sheffield City Council and KIER, with a total technical upgrade and a brand new control center. Operations to manage the area’s CCTV and the city’s traffic/bus lane enforcement are centered here within the magnificent town hall building.


Thinking Space was chosen to supply a complete suite of technical furniture for both sections of the control center for staff totaling 10 people. Bespoke storage units form part of the suite to ensure safe and neat storage of personal and operational equipment. In addition, Novus monitor arms are provided for each workspace to ensure that monitors are positioned ergonomically and to maximize desk space. A desktop Evolution Media Wall is the focus of the CCTV control area, where monitors are positioned at optimum viewing angles above useful storage cupboards to complete the modern look.


Made using CAD/CNC construction techniques and built from aluminum and composite materials, the furniture exceeds regulatory requirements and is blended with modern aesthetics to create attractive and fully functioning technical furniture, perfect for this high-tech environment.

This brand new facility was soon put to the test with a major political party conference that took place in the city as well as several other major sporting and cultural events at venues around the city.

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