The benefits of sit-stand consoles in security control rooms

The benefits of sit-stand consoles in security control rooms is ever increasing, thanks to research into the positive health benefits for workers, with proven results. The average office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting each day at their desk. In a control room, the average operator will be working between 8-12 hours. A growing body of research has found that the effects of extended sitting cannot be counteracted by brief bouts of strenuous exercise. Hitting the gym after a long sedentary shift is not the answer, but regular movement through sit-stand working practices throughout the working day is.

So, what health benefits of sit-stand working are being recognised?

A recent Smithsonian article highlighted these five main benefits found through extensive research.

Reduced risk of obesity

Consistent, moderate levels of activity will burn more calories. A 2013 study found that standing workers burn on average 50 more calories per day than seated colleagues. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic, advises “step one is get up. Step two is learn to get up more often. Step three is once you’re up, then move”.

Reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Sitting for long periods of time is closely associated with reduced effectiveness in regulating levels of glucose in the bloodstream, which can dramatically increase the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Research has found that adults who spend two or more hours per day sitting have a 125 percent increased risk of health problems related to cardiovascular disease, including chest pain and heart attacks.

Reduced risk of cancer

A 2011 study found that prolonged sitting could be responsible for an increased risk in being diagnosed with cancer and although the underlying reason is unclear, scientists believe that C-reactive protein is present in higher levels for those that sit for long periods which could be attributed to their development of cancer.

Lower long-term mortality risk

Because of some of the above factors, there is a strong connection between the amount of time seated and the chances of dying earlier. A 2010 Australian Study found that for every extra hour that a person sat daily, it increased their overall risk of dying by 11 percent. Later, a 2012 study revealed how sitting for three hours per day reduced life expectancy by two years.

So, the answer is to incorporate standing, pacing and stretching into the daily routine.

In security control rooms, where close monitoring and vigilance are required at all times, standing, pacing and stretching could prove difficult to conduct.

Sit-stand consoles from Thinking Space

This is where a Thinking Space height adjustable console comes into its own for sit stand working. Operators can change their own working position quickly and effectively using the electric height adjustment, activated at a simple touch of a button. Once in the standing position, their keyboard and monitors will still be in reach for working to resume. The electric height adjustment can be pre-programmed for every individual, as well as being able to be controlled remotely by Bluetooth and app, giving the ultimate control to the operator.

“Our furniture is built with the express need to sustain a 24/7 environment, so the design of the electric height adjustment needs to follow suit. There are a lot of sit-stand desks on the market today, but our solution is robust, smooth and strong, offering a 5 year guarantee to give you peace of mind” explains Managing Director Wayne Palmer.

Thinking Space will be demonstrating their height adjustable sit-stand console solution at IFSEC International from 20th June until 22nd June.  Try the electric operation for yourself at their stand H1125. Our team of specialists have over 150 years experience between them in improving the working environments of control rooms around the world. Take the opportunity to chat to them as they will be able to offer their advice and solutions for your next control room project.

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