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Latest Developments in Our World of Consoles

Last week, we announced the beginning of some exciting new developments in our world of consoles which we are excited to now share with you.

The first development is an improvement to our removable panel vent design, and an opportunity to give you a potted history of our removable panels with an interesting back story into this latest change.

The removable panel

The removable panel feature offers our clients full access to the rear of the console. This ensures that equipment stored within the console can be maintained easily without disrupting operations. Depending on each individual design, removable panels can be provided to suit our clients requirements, without affecting the aesthetics of the console. Each one is designed with a vent pattern using our CNC machine which is programmed to cut the pattern. The standard vent pattern design has evolved through the years to offer better aesthetics to the removable panel, as well as offering improved air circulation and heat dissipation through the interior of the console.

the story so far...

The original push catch used (photo above left), involved a button which could be depressed to release the catch. This allows the operator to lift out the panel from the bottom of the extrusions. At that time, a standard horizontal vent pattern was in use for ease of manufacturing.

With advancements in software capabilities, our designers were able to create a pattern in AutoCad Inventor. This could be programmed to cut the required pattern into each panel using the CNC machine. A circular vent pattern design was developed and adopted to improve aesthetics. This is the current standard vent pattern design (photo above centre).

Our furniture is all about customisation, and some of our clients have included this feature in their furniture. Here are just a few of the patterns created:

Over the years, the removable panel has proved a hit with clients, giving them unlimited access to their consoles. However, we started to experience problems with warping when our consoles were left in storage, in extremes of temperature. The panels proved difficult to assemble.

Responding immediately to this issue, we identified that to improve the extrusions at the top and bottom of the panel would offer better stability. The new extrusions would help to locate the frame. We also upgraded the the push catch fixing,

Solent LEP Funding

We won government funding from the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership in 2018, to create a new printing production line for our panel system. Included within the scope of the investment were the improvements to the removable panel design, with new extrusions and a new push catch.

The new push catch, photo above right, offers an oval design with the opportunity to brand it with our logo. We launched the concept at two exhibitions: The World ATM Congress Exhibition and IFSEC International Exhibition in 2019. Our visitors loved it!.

However, the vent pattern design no longer complimented the oval push catch.

design inspiration

We tasked Design Manager Alastair Bark with creating the new design.

So how did this development evolve?

‘One of my colleagues came up with the idea of vertical slots shaped around the new bezel to compliment it. Unfortunately, the slots all finished at the same height and were featureless’, explained Alastair. ‘I thought I would add a bit of interest and variety to the heights by staggering them randomly’.

‘Being consciously random isn’t the easiest thing to do, so I looked at the guitar intro to one of my favourite songs for inspiration…and the pattern developed from there’.

The new design has been through thorough testing, including refining cutting times. The new design is now ready for launch, appearing on your designs now!

To the big reveal... our new vent pattern for 2020 is...

new vent pattern 2020 Thinking Space console

Any guesses for the particular track that inspired the new vent pattern?

It was Muse – Plug in Baby.

new vent pattern 2020 Thinking Space console

The new vent pattern is now available, and you'll see the full effect in our award-winning 3D design service, which is free of charge and gives you the opportunity to visualise your console...vents and all!

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