plymouth city council cctv control room

Return to CCTV Control Room at Plymouth City Council

Thinking Space return to the CCTV Control Room at Plymouth City Council in Devon, to see how the previous furniture installation some four years earlier, is still having a positive impact on the well-being of it's operators.

In a city with a University and popular tourist destination, in 2015, Plymouth City Council relocated and upgraded their main CCTV control room as the previous control room was to make way for a new coach station. An unused kitchen beneath Council House was refurbished to accommodate the control room.

Thinking Space delivered a scalloped curved 3 operator console, with radio equipment pods on the desk surface. A large media wall to accommodation 12 x 47” screens was the focus of the room, all creating an ergonomic working environment, key for monitoring staff working long shifts. An additional Evolution media wall was also provided for the Road Traffic Office.

Returning to the control room four years on, and the control room still looks modern and ergonomically pleasing. Staff are still feeling the benefits of this improved facility whilst ensuring the streets of Plymouth are safe.

Read the full case study.

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