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Updated Sector Specific Plant and Process Brochure for 2020

Thinking Space Systems are pleased to announce an updated sector specific plant and process brochure for 2020, featuring control room furniture applications, is now available to view.

The brochure contains the latest solutions offered by Thinking Space for creating ergonomic and practical yet stylish technical furniture for plant & process industries worldwide. As an engineering company, Thinking Space have the in-house skills to design furniture to suit the most challenging of environments, and the materials used offer infinite possibilities.  Whether it be a single control room console, multiple operator console with height adjustment, storage cabinets, media walls or equipment mounts, Thinking Space can provide a bespoke solution for your process control room.

We take you step by step through the benefits of using Thinking Space for your control room furniture, and the features you can expect to see. Thinking Space are always striving for innovation, so clever features such as document inlay panels, tablet holders and equipment enclosures are always being added. We’re supported by some great project examples and bespoke design solutions to visualise the concepts, such as Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Singleton Birch Quarries and Flexitricity energy provider.

Our furniture solutions are suitable for all industrial control room environments including chemical and pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech companies, who are currently all increasing output to fight the pandemic. The benefit to all industries is improved wellbeing, more efficient working practices, staff retention,  brand awareness and improved aesthetics.

It is the materials used for all Thinking Space furniture solutions which sets them apart from others on the market today. The Core Assembly System offers limitless configurations for your console, with large span consoles being possible, ideal for industrial applications such as process control rooms, where a number of operators need to be accommodated. The materials used offer durability and a 10 year guarantee. Every console design is futureproof, allowing changes to be made to the configuration and structure, thereby prolonging its’ lifespan. Its open structure can accommodate equipment storage, whilst the thick worktop provides a solid working area, suitable for rugged environments.  In many cases, up to 90% of a Thinking Space console is made with recyclable, manmade materials.

Since 2019, we have been able to offer yet more customised furniture options, with the introduction of the new printed panel production line. Now, panels can be treated with a selection of patterns and prints from our standard range. In addition, we are able to print customers artwork, patterns and logos onto the panels.

A number of accessories are available to complement the furniture and provide an ergonomic working environment. From monitor mounts, to equipment enclosures created using 3D printing technologies, we have the solution for you, either off the shelf, or bespoke.

If you’d like to talk to one of our specialists and request a free design and quotation service, please get in touch.

Download a copy of our Plant and Process Control Room Furniture Brochure

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