Thinking Space Systems jouit de plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans la conception et la fabrication de mobilier de salle de contrôle innovant et élégant pour la sécurité, le trafic aérien, le transport, la régie, les usines, les processus, et les services de secours. En tant qu’entreprise d’ingénierie, nous possédons les compétences internes nécessaires pour créer des meubles répondant aux exigences les plus élevées.

Mais comment tout cela a-t-il commencé ?

notre histoire


À propos de Thinking Space systems - thinking Space dans le sable

Le commencement

L'ingénieur Wayne Palmer fonde Thinking Space Systems et investit la salle à manger de ses parents pour y développer le système de construction en aluminium TSS afin de créer des consoles de salle de contrôle.


Les premiers locaux de Thinking Space « The Barns » (Les granges) à Eastleigh

"The Barns"

Basé dans « The Barns » à Fishers Pond (Eastleigh), Wayne rencontre son partenaire d’affaires et directeur Paul Atkins. L’effectif des employés passe à neuf, sans compter un taureau du champ voisin qui est loin d’être amical !


À propos de Thinking Space Systems - kanya en salon

Distributeur exclusif pour Kanya

Thinking Space devient le distributeur britannique de Kanya, un système de construction suisse en aluminium destiné aux applications industrielles

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À propos de Thinking Space Systems - locaux unit 2

Les premiers pas

Les premiers locaux de l’usine, Unit 2 The Quadrangle, à Romsey dans le Hampshire


Distributeur exclusif pour Novus

La gamme d’accessoires de bureau ergonomiques Novus s’ajoute à la gamme des produits. Thinking Space Systems devient leur distributeur.

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À propos de Thinking Space Systems - Rendu du mur multimédia Evolution

Le mur multimédia Evolution

Nous lançons notre propre système de fixation d’écrans, le mur multimédia Evolution

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À propos de Thinking Space systems - salon en Australie

Représentation australienne

Techniche est désigné pour représenter Thinking Space en tant qu’agent en Australie et en Extrême-Orient


À propos de Thinking Space systems - locaux unit 10b the quadrangle

Deuxième avancée

À l’étroit dans les locaux existants, avec dix-sept employés et le besoin d’espace supplémentaire pour son usine, Thinking Space a déménagé de l’autre côté de la route, vers l’unité 10b. Elle dispose d’une superficie de près de 1394 m2, doublant ainsi celle de nos anciens locaux


À propos de Thinking Space systems - Exemple de mobilier pour régie MW Video

Anniversaire, célébrations et nouvelle entreprise

26 membres du personnel ont célébré le 10ème anniversaire de Thinking Space. Paul Roberts a rejoint le conseil d’administration Le spécialiste du mobilier de régie MW Video Systems a été ajouté au portefeuille

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À propos de Thinking Space systems - lancement de l’entreprise en Australie

Thinking Space « aux antipodes »

Thinking Space lance une nouvelle société : Thinking Space Systems Pty Ltd at IFSEC 2014


À propos de Thinking Space systems - voici le nouveau fourgon

rénovation du bureau, nouveau personnel et nouveaux véhicules

Une mise à niveau des bureaux pour accueillir 33 employés, une nouvelle fourgonnette et de nouvelles voitures de société hybrides arrivent

Nos marques

Notre gamme comprend des produits qui améliorent votre environnement de travail

Découvrez les avis de nos clients...

This is the second time we have worked with Thinking Space; previously we built a control room specifically for the Quarry Operations, however this project included bringing both the quarry and lime operations together to become more efficient and effective in the way the departments operate. We had a large store room that was to be converted, the idea / concept we had was to build as large a desk and media wall as possible as this gave room for expansion.Thinking Space visited site and worked with us on a few ideas before coming to the final design where full 2D and 3D drawings were created to really help visualise exactly how the control room would look. Thinking Space were very helpful on installation dates as we were on a very tight deadline and had a critical path to stick to. Finally the installers worked in a very professional manner to a high standard, they also worked with us to ensure everything was installed to meet our requirements. In summary I would highly recommend working with Thinking Space, they provide A+ service on all aspects from start to finish.
"Thinking Space Systems really listened to what it was we wanted to create in both look and feel. The design work was essential – we worked collaboratively to achieve the best room layout and design for the new training suite. There were great little touches, such as the propeller design on the panels and green LED lights under the consoles to help create a wow factor. Everyone’s been really impressed with the result. It was a pleasure to work with Thinking Space on this".

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Employee of the Month July 2020

juillet 31, 2020

This month, our Employee of the Month July 2020 goes to another member of the team who has been working in the factory throughout the crisis due to their job role. One of our youngest employees, Sales Administrator Connor Kester, rose to the challenge of keeping the sales office running smoothly throughout, particularly in handling […]

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Matt Hockham

Employee of the Month June 2020

juin 30, 2020

Over the last few months, it has been difficult to decide on an individual who has gone the extra mile in these uncertain times. All our employees have exceeded in their roles, whilst coping with the worldwide situation in their working and home lives. However, this month, the Management Team were in agreement that one […]

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control room furniture render drawing by Thinking Space Systems

Control Room Lighting Solutions

juin 15, 2020

Thinking Space offer a full control room fit-out service and therefore understand the importance of providing effective control room lighting solutions, for control room efficiency and staff wellbeing.  As part of their free design service, Thinking Space will examine the lighting within the room and make recommendations based on guidance from the Health and Safety […]

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vims virtual challenge

A Virtual Challenge

avril 22, 2020

Like each and every one of us, we all had plans this year which have now gone awry but for one of our employees, they’re taking on a virtual challenge.  We were looking forward to participating in two local events to raise funds for our charity of the year, Rose Road Association. The ABP half […]

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plant and process brochure 2020 image

Updated Sector Specific Plant and Process Brochure for 2020

avril 15, 2020

Thinking Space Systems are pleased to announce an updated sector specific plant and process brochure for 2020, featuring control room furniture applications, is now available to view. The brochure contains the latest solutions offered by Thinking Space for creating ergonomic and practical yet stylish technical furniture for plant & process industries worldwide. As an engineering […]

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tamar crossing height adjustable console

Everything you need to know about height adjustable consoles

avril 07, 2020

At Thinking Space, we have seen an increase in demand for electric height adjustable consoles over the last year, so we bring you everything you need to know about height adjustable consoles. The rise in requirement can be found in all sectors, including Air Traffic and Transport sectors, not just limited to security control rooms. […]

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how to clean your console image

How to clean your Thinking Space console

avril 02, 2020

During COVID-19 pandemic, you will be undoubtably be looking at your cleaning practices in and around your control rooms. We show you how to clean your console, not only to preserve it’s life but to maintain a healthy control room for your operators. Many control rooms accommodate multiple operators on shift patterns to enable 24/7 […]

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covid 19 update banner

COVID-19 Update

mars 23, 2020

Here is our COVID-19 update to explain how we are operating at the moment. We are fully operational, but will update you on this page whenever there are any changes to our working practices. We are closely and constantly monitoring the situation and are following government advice to support the efforts to contain the virus, […]

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how we can help banner

It's Business As Usual

mars 18, 2020

We would like to reassure all our customers, existing and potential, that due to the recent events surrounding COVID-19, we have put in place plans to ensure we can continue with all operations, without interruption to our service levels. So it's business as usual for us, and here's how can we help with yours… No […]

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pete collins 70th birthday with his bench

A buzz of excitement

mars 17, 2020

Last week, a buzz of excitement permeated around the factory. Was it to do with a special toilet roll delivery?...No. Perhaps a large dose of sugar in the form of birthday cakes?...Quite possibly! Our oldest employee, Pete Collins, was celebrating his 70th birthday and treated us all to cakes. Pete has been with Thinking Space […]

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sightline surveys

Sightline Survey Service

mars 16, 2020

Thinking Space offer a sightline survey service for air traffic control tower projects. The objective is to understand what each Air Traffic Controller can see when sat viewing the aircraft movement areas, runways etc. and establish any restrictions or problems that might be encountered. Thinking Space have a wealth of experience in this field and […]

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bringing colour render image

Bringing colour to your control room at World ATM Congress 2020

mars 04, 2020

Thinking Space will be bringing colour to your control room at World ATM Congress 2020 with our latest innovative furniture solutions for your air traffic control environment. The largest international air traffic management exhibition, World ATM Congress, has already attracted over 9500 registrants this year, and gives an unparalleled insight into the ATM industry and […]

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